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Poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world.
P. B. Shelley

Monday, December 19, 2016

Advent Week 4

Today is when the electors vote for POTUS. I've never seen so much controversy before around a presidential election. Also I have never been so fearful as I am this time. Once before during the Viet Nam War and Nixon was President. I was so hopeful he would end it and bring everyone home. The economic hardships at home were awful. Now I am seeing a President-elect who is buddies with Russia's Putin and both climate deniers interested in fossil fuels especially oil all over the world. I fear we will be in a large war in Syria soon, allies to Russia for the oil. 

What really breaks my heart is that the US had steady growth in its economy over the past 2 terms of Obama and was still able to keep climate change a priority and very little increase in dangerous pollutants. We were so on the right track. Now a huge setback is in store for the world. Paris so awfully polluted the Eiffel Tower disappears in the smog and China in a red alert for air pollution that it closes its schools and businesses down. Europe and China working so hard to stop their global footprints.

Oh my God, please help us on earth. 

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