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Poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world.
P. B. Shelley

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Winter sun and other good news!

I can feel the light difference as the days grow longer again. It's still a long stretch until spring but light is always an encouragement to me.
Following the "fiscal cliff" is how I imagine rappeling is like, which I have never done nor rock wall climbing. My fear of heights will always prevent any such activity. But watching the Congress actually feeling some pressure and working round the clock and everyone pitching in to solve at least some of this country's fiscal problems has plunged some of my thoughts into a dizzy area...I am glad we are not free falling into a dark abyss. The problems are far from being solved but the media's broadcast of this cliff was terrifying enough. Friends and family are pitted on both sides with many in the middle of solutions. It seems we have our climbing picks firmly into a crevass right now and we can sleep on some of the ledges of this cliff. The obstacles ahead though are steep and I can only wonder what will happen as we encounter them. I have my own platform/agenda that I don't hear any one in Congress talking about but some have hinted. Michele Bachman actually slipped in no pay raises for Congress. Bravo! I would change Congress to Warren Buffet's ideas and add term limits. Also love the flat tax for everyone! Somewhere beteween 15 and 20%! Reopen the gold market to everyone and stop printing money like we were. Really didn't we learn from the housing market crash that hedging and leveraging on empty leads to the abyss! Those are some of my ideas for the US.
Just had to vent a little here today. But that sunny photo matches the sun outside including the cold. No snow here in Silicon Valley. I am hopeful!

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