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Poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world.
P. B. Shelley

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Big environmental issues in California right now!

Currently there are several environmental issues that are vitally important in California. They are being presented at city councils, county boards, and at the state legislature. Here are the ones that involve me:

1. Ban fracking - we need all our water and need to keep it clean + California doesn't need a frackquake! LA and Santa Cruz County have banned fracking and a bill is before the state legislature now!

2. Shut down Diablo Nuclear Plant. It is the only one working now and is on our beloved coast at San Luis Obispo. As we increase the use of solar energy the need for nuclear energy has diminished and  the risk of a winter white nuclear condition ends with the shutdown.

3. Labeling or banning genetically engineered foods. So many states are passing laws to do this and California has the most organic farms of any state. We need to protect consumers from bad food and give them the right to know and make that choice. Bill in front of state legislation now.

4. Ban plastic bags for shopping throughout California. Many cities have already passed laws for this reason and citizens have adjusted. Save our beautiful ocean from this horrible polluter!

5. Water conservation measures. We have a destructive drought and yet I don't see much citizen activity to stop water usage waste. Fines and conservation measures need to be in place.

Summer is coming with lots more tourists and California should show them what a beautiful and thoughtful state we have!

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