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P. B. Shelley

Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Vernal Equinox...Spring is here!

Today is the Vernal Equinox...the first day of spring. Click on Equinox for the Farmer's Almanac explanation of what that means! In Ireland that day is February 1st! 
For me it means more blossoming trees and flowers, hummingbirds flitting through the trees, Monarch butterflies are fluttering over the flowers as they break out of their winter beds, and the air is warming up and the sky is full of sunshine! When I was growing up in the Midwest, spring was a blink of an eye and a sweet atmospheric change that burst into colors from the drab winter days. 
This year in California it is warmer than usual, less rain as we squeak by with the little rain water that fell. But the beautiful blossoming trees are one by one according to their kind as in Genesis, the first book in the Bible, are displaying their floral clothing, first bright pinks both deep and rosy or pale and delicate, then the dazzling white blossoming trees, yellow forsythia all pop out in a glorious visual feast while deep purple velvety iris, bright yellow daffodils, and snowy white lilies all grace the ground and lawns of tiny allisum and yellow flowered ground covers spread over the empty grass of winter.

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