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Sunday, December 22, 2013

4th Week in Christmas Advent!

It's the 4th and last week of Christmas Advent in 2013. Hope everyone got their last minute shopping done, decorations up, and tree trimmed! I have all these wonderful Christmas activities completed and now on to the baking of goodies! This is my first year going gluten and grain free and I thought I would have to do without the cookies and cake I always baked for Christmas. No, not so! Wonderful cookbook writers have been posting on Facebook recipes for cookies, candy and cakes that are gluten and grain free! And now there are many Paleo and gf cookbooks out on for the holidays! God bless you wonderful people! 

I will make my traditional chocolate gingerbread men and stars cookies and adding a chocolate peppermint chile bark candy. Maybe next year I will make the frosted decorated cutouts. Making my own coconut milk yesterday from a real coconut was plenty so trying the new icings out will come later, maybe next year! A dear nutritionist posted a great recipe for rolled chocolate peppermint brownie cake so I picked that this year for my Christmas cake. 

Christmas dinner will have no grains this year. I tried out at Thanksgiving more of a vegetable stuffing and loved it. So putting the butternut squash, cranberry, date stuffing with the herb butter roasted turkey this year and no gravy, just broth! Paleo is a return to meat as long as it is grass fed so maybe next year will go back to beef for Christmas, my favorite! Losing the grains has added other wonderful parts like grass fed butter without guilt! I am not gaining weight and losing inches right now! And my tummy doesn't hurt! Want to thank my great doctors and nurses for their guidance on going gluten and grain free and helping me also lose weight and get off my meds! 
Merry Christmas!

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