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Monday, May 21, 2012

Annular Solar Eclipse in California - 2012

These are Pins (Pinterest)  I sent during the annular solar eclipse in California yesterday. The first is the moon's shadow moving across the sun and the second is the eclipse where it is right between the sun and earth leaving the sun's corona. The third is the moon's shadow moving on leaving the sun's sphere. It was an amazing experience because there is a new astronomical online organization that documented the event along with live narration from around the world. The website is which is SLOOH Space Camera. The videos are still available at the website. One of the fun parts was switching the cameras from California to New Mexico and watching the moon's shadow leave the sun here and hop over to beginning to cover the sun in New Mexico. On May 25th is a lunar eclipse that this organization will be covering. I recommend them for any astronomical events. Good fun and informative.

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Anonymous said...

LH- i missed it but i bet it was awesome looking!