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Poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world.
P. B. Shelley

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Japan and the Pacific Ocean coasts...

It was like the wind being knocked out of me as I watched the news on tv of the earthquake in Japan, the movement of the tsunami and formation of whirlpools in the Pacific Ocean. Then the news switched to Santa Cruz, CA right over the mountains from my home. I watched boats floating capsized or lopsided down the waterways of the marina, dislodged from their moorings but on a smooth water surface. Then the boats began to hit other boats floating and then boats that were still moored to the docks. Docks began to break up and I kept listening to the newscasters for the reason. There were no waves and the surface never broke.

Then a  scientist came on telling about the swift undercurrents that were beginning to hit our coast.  The underwater waves were traveling 500 mph from the Japanese coast of origin across the Pacific washing over islands and Hawaii beaches, losing some strength in the distance until they reached North and South America, particularly the California coast. Santa Cruz was one of the hardest hit. The Internet carried the news that $15 m worth of damage was done to the marina.

Some days I think this world has grown so small with our fast travel and speedy communications, satellites transmitting compressed space to our small computer windows on the world. But seeing the NOAA animated version of what was transpiring in the Pacific...seeing the entire Pacific Ocean swirling and chaotic made me realize how terribly small humans truly are and at the mercy of the natural forces on this planet, forces we have tampered with to near the point of no return. God's Word in the last chapter of his great book, The Bible, has all this information available to us...and it was written 2,000 years ago! I'm glad I didn't miss that, I feel somewhat prepared for these catastrophic events. It definitely is the time of prayers. It is a holy season of Lent now and this is what He wants us to do. Come to Him humbly and pray for His help and guidance. He helps me and I hope He will help this world.

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