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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Third Advent week of the Christmas season ~ 2010

My decorations are in boxes and scattered all over my living room. The wreath is on the door and one window is decorated. Peanut butter cookies and apple/cranberry/almond crisp are baked. I have sent Christmas cards and emails but that will probably continue until Christmas eve and even after. The holiday does go into January and Epiphany.

This year is not as organized because I am greening it. Replacing all the Christams lights with LED's and recycling the old ones, and that isn't easy. I saw another shopper pondering the much increased selection of LED lighting in the Christmas decs sections this year, not knowing exactly what he wanted. I went away empty handed, a little confused. But now I have accessed my situation and have a list. It is so warm today (70+degrees) that I am riding my bike the few blocks to the stores that have decorations. After I get the lights I will finish decorating and put everything away. I also decided to recycle if possible my 11 year old artificial tree after this Christmas and buy only real trees from now on. And no more plastic stuff!

Those decisions made, after decorating, I plan to finish my cookie baking and share some with the neighbor children. But this year I am using a ready made mix for sugar cookies but will cut out my shapes and use my icing and sprinkles. I still will make my chocolate gingerbread men from scratch. Yummy, the scents in the house are going to be wonderful.

Also I have a turkey in the freezer from Thanksgiving for Christmas Day. So the Christmas feast is in the planning and shopping stages too. Christmas music is on the piano and the CD player for a wonderful holiday atmosphere!

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Shane at Environmental Health-Wellness-Beauty,LLC said...

Such a lovely post. Thanks for sharing your greening adventures this Christmas! I am following now. See you on Twitter too.