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P. B. Shelley

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Second Week of Advent and St. Nicholas Day ~ 2010

This week I finished my shopping, wrapping presents and will ship my presents to my grandchildren and at my daughter's home. It is the last week to mail anything for Christmas and guarantee the packages will get there in time for Christmas. They live way back in northern Illinois by the Wisconsin border, so it will take a few days to get there.

This is also the week that many Christians celebrate St. Nicholas Day, December 6th. It is a special day that separates the tradition of Santa Claus from the religious observance of Christmas later in the month. It is celebrated in different ways depending on the country. St. Nicholas is one of my favorite saints, recognized in both the Western Christian churches and Orthodox Christian churches. His story is a wonderful one and he is the Patron Saint of New York City! How wonderful to remember his special entry into that city every year via the Thanksgiving Day parade there and also the movie Miracle on 34th Street which is about Santa and NYC!

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