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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas at my house...angels, candles, baking, music,!

Smokey is in his condo looking at the Christmas tree. He loves the little red bells hanging at the bottom and hits them off the tree to play with on the floor. He's the only one to have toys in his stocking! The tree is 11 years old. When I bought it, the verdict wasn't in yet on artificial or real trees. Definitely going back to fresh greenery!

My neighbor and friend, Colleen admiring the love in the roses at the Nativity!

 My own unglazed sculpted nativity scene I made when I lived in San Francisco. I love it for its simplicity.

 I love the color red for Christmas. Here is St. Nicholas on the floor and my red and white angel I brought home last year on top of the bakers rack.

 My new green angel for my treetop. No lights just beauty and ethereal. She was the only treetopper left at Home Depot a couple of weeks ago. There wasn't even a box! She was really just laying on her side waiting for me to rescue her to adorn my tree!
 My kitchen table has my first angel of decoration and baking I brought home ten years ago. Also a little red clay angel candlestick by the cookie can that a friend gave me in the early 90's when I  lived in San Francisco. All through Advent, I have various ingredients for cookies, punches, and the Christmas cake waiting to be used up. I keep several candles here to light for inspiration at different times.
 My big Nativity scene was made in Mexico and I found it in a little Mexican grocery store down the street from where I lived in Gilroy at the beginning of the millenium...remember that? 2000!
Robert is the love in the red roses. He will be home next year from Iraq with everyone else advising and training!

Peace on earth to everyone!

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